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The Hunted Prince

by C. David Delp

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Image by Paweł Furman


Castle Thornwall is leaking and thunder is echoing through its cavernous stone interior. In a dimly lit room, Queen Calliope of Thornwall is giving birth. When her midwife sees the newborn, she gasps, quickly hands the child to the queen and runs away. King Richard “Stonefist” Thornwall, an enormous, darkly regal man, approaches the bed and, despite the queen's shrieking protests, take the baby from her. He takes the child to a chest of drawers, lays it down, and draws a sword. But the Calliope threatens that if he kills the child, she will never sing again. He capitulates, but raises the sword and growls, "But not like this!” Then brings the sword down and chops off the newborn's tiny tail.

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Image by Cederic Vandenberghe

C. David Delp is proud to announce the forthcoming The Hunted Prince, the first novel of the series, The Chronicles of All.

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"Not until we are lost do we begin to understand ourselves"

Henry David Thoreau

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